LSC Travel Program - Instagram Challenge

LSC Travel Program
Virtual Training Challenge

We understand all of you are stuck at home with little to do.  The Livingston Soccer Club wanted to set up some fun and exciting challenges for your child to work on throughout the week.

First, follow @LSC_Travel on Instagram in order to be eligible.

Week of Monday, April 6

  • LSC Challenge:  Check back on Monday for an exciting Instagram challenge to be posted!
  • LSC Techne Futbol Challenge:  There are a variety of challenges the LSC will be offering throughout the Virtual Training season.  See below for different ways you can earn points.  At the end of the Virtual Training season, the top point earners will win prizes!
    • Streak
      • Players must spend at least 10 minutes on Techne Futbol for seven consecutive days.
      • Players can work on any skills (juggling/dribbling/wall work) they want.
      • At the end of the week, we will post the players who successfully completed the challenge.
      • Each player earns 10 points for completing the challenge.
    • Team Challenge
      • Each week, teams will compete for the highest average amount of time spent on Techne Futbol.
        • For example, if a team spends 120 minutes training and there are 10 active participants from a team, they averaged 12 minutes.
      • The team with the highest average, each week, will earn 10 points for each of their active players.
    • Individual Challenge
      • The top five boys AND girls, each week, will earn points based on the amount of time they spend on Techne Futbol.
        • First place will earn 50 points
        • Second players will earn 40 points
        • Third place will earn 30 points
        • Fourth place will earn 20 points
        • Fifth place will earn 10 points

To submit videos for challenges, you can tag @LSC_Travel on Instagram or e-mail them to

Again, in order to be eligible, you must follow @LSC_Travel on Instagram.