LSC Travel Spring High School Program

LSC Travel Spring High School Program


Thank you for your interest in our Spring HS Travel season.

Each year, we look to form soccer teams for the Spring season.  With the high school season in the Fall, we want to offer as many high school athletes the ability to continue playing soccer throughout the year.

Currently, there are no tryouts.  The only requirement is that you are a resident of Livingston.  You do NOT need to attend Livingston High School.

There are three different options for our teams:

  1. Practice twice per week and play games
    • This option is recommended for those players looking to further their high school soccer careers and are willing to make a commitment to the team for the Spring season.
  2. Practice once per week and play games
    • This option is recommended for former travel/high school athletes looking to continue playing competitive soccer or those high school athletes who want to remain competitive, but have other commitments and cannot make a full commitment to the team.
  3. No practices and play games
    • This option is recommended to any outgoing Seniors looking to play one more season of soccer.

We will do our best to form as many teams (based on how most players want it) as possible.  As long as players register early enough, we are usually able to accommodate them.

The trainers for all Spring HS Boys teams are the current coaching staff of the Livingston High School Girls Soccer program.  The trainers for all Spring HS Girls teams are currently TBD.

Practices always take place during the evening to try and avoid other conflicts as much as possible.  Games are scheduled for Sundays and we look to book one tournament per team; just like a normal season.

We understand the busy lives of teenagers.  School, along with other sports and clubs, are incredibly important to manage and we want to play a role in their lives that will benefit them.  Players are not punished for missing practices/games due to other commitments.  While we hope they make every effort to attend, we understand them missing.  The idea behind this program is to get everyone out there to play.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail

To complete an interest form (this does not cost anything or commit you to play), please click here.

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