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The Livingston Soccer Club offers a variety of unique and worthwhile programs. Whether you are looking to improve your conditioning, continue your soccer career, learn more about the sport, or have the desire to teach younger children how to play, OR EVEN JUST EARN SOME MONEY, becoming a soccer referee is an incredibly rewarding experience.

You can become a referee in the 6th Grade!  We take adults too!
Soccer referee with Livingston Soccer Club
This is also an opportunity to earn a paycheck (yes, you get paid!) and learn the responsibilities of having a job.  As long as you are in the sixth grade, you are eligible to be a referee in our Intown program. 
The expectations of a referee are simple:  You must be able to control the game.  Some examples of this are keeping time and score, enforcing the rules, and communicating the game to all the players on the field.  It is NOT your responsibility to deal with coaches or parents.  There are Board members (in green shirts) on each field to protect referees from any uncomfortable situations.
Anyone interested must attend a certain amount of training prior to becoming a referee.  Click here to register.
Any questions, comments simply send an e-mail to


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