Meet Jody Hill - Our Coach of the year 2020

Jody Hill  got  Steve Delman Coaches Sportsmanship Award - Congratulations!


I would like to thank the Livingston Soccer Club for honoring me as an in-town coach of the year.  As I didn't even know this was a thing it caught me by surprise to be honored for doing something that I absolutely love.  Being out on the soccer field with our young athletes is one of the most rewarding experiences I can ask for.   Seeing the smiling faces when we find success is what it's all about.  The main goal is to get every child out there to feel good about themselves.  I strive to have each player leave our season as a more improved player who grew an even stronger love for the sport.  Teaching sportsmanship is a valuable lesson that I try to implement.  Learning how to accept a loss and have it motivate you to try again next time is something that I instill in my players.  My philosophy is to get athletes to understand that it is not a loss, but a lesson -teaching you how to better prepare for the next game.   In addition, there is a gracious way to win as well.  Having our players high five and acknowledge what a great effort the opponent put forth is important to me.

 I love to coach because providing the kids with a safe, healthy, and fun experience is the most gratifying feeling.  I have been blessed with many amazing coaches as I was growing up and each of them has had an impact on my life to this day.  I am honored to receive this award and lucky to have the chance to give back to the community.