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Please read these instructions carefully before downloading

the Scholarship Application:


Deadline for Applications is Wednesday, April 15, 2020!


Applications for the 2020 Phil Carpini Memorial Scholarships are available at the Livingston Soccer Club website (see the link at the bottom of this page.)


Livingston High School students must SUBMIT the application to the Livingston Soccer Club.  Eligible seniors from other high schools may apply using the club’s website, or paper versions can be mailed to the Livingston Soccer Club, Club P.O. Box 137, Livingston, NJ 07039.


Each year the Livingston Soccer Club (LSC) awards Phil Carpini Memorial college scholarships to graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the club and/or to the soccer community.



The total value of the scholarship pool is $10,000, to be divided among those awarded.  The maximum value of each individual award is $2,000, regardless of the number of awardees. The number of students selected for individual scholarship awards will be determined by the LSC’s Scholarship Committee, based on the information in the applications.

Qualification Criteria

The applicant must be a graduating high school senior. 

The applicant must have applied for attendance at a two- or four-year college or university.

The applicant must have been associated with LSC as a player and/or a referee, with demonstrated contributions to the club and/or the Livingston soccer community

The information supplied must be accurate and verifiable by the Scholarship Committee.


Evaluation Criteria

Historical and current participation within the LSC. 

Historical and current participation within the soccer community outside the LSC (e.g., referee, school teams, other clubs, winter / summer trainer, Soccer Circle volunteer, etc.) 

Demonstration of participation in the required written answers to application questions..


If you would like to be considered for a Phil Carpini Memorial Scholarship, and you can demonstrate that you meet the qualification criteria above,  

CLICK HERE  to download the Application, complete it, and then submit it as indicated above.


Applications received after Wednesday, April 15, 2020  will not be considered.  

Please direct any questions or comments to our Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Harold Hornstein, at

Good luck!